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"I choose to express my deepest emotions: feelings, contemplation, happiness, dreams and hope through my paintings, a search which leads me to the power of the expression, where you can seek spiritual vitality, pure and deep in all senses."

Cristina Kaschny




Brazilian born Cristina Kaschny has quickly become an all-star on the local Miami arts scene since debuting in 2009. Dealing in subdued hues and broad brushstrokes, the artist specializes in abstract art using acrylic, oil and mixed media techniques with colorful implementation and accuracy of lines. Her signature use of texture leaves just enough to the imagination to encourage active engagement with the work before you. With numerous exhibitions and showings under her belt,  Cristina continues to earn many accolades for her amazing work.



The themes that the artist chooses, and the techniques she applies, are a step by step venture, not in search of a pictorial logic, but the revelation of a free and thoughtful spirit through the silence of colors that speak for themselves, interplaying of the opposite forces of abstract and figurative in unpredictable, yet powerful interactions, where the worlds between imagination and reality connect. 

There are in fact, different parts of a production, hence the change of techniques applied on isolated groups of paintings forming an expression. 

Everything merges into an impressionist-expressionist work. She wants her work to have the gift of enchantment at first sight, surrendering to the form, seducing the colors, and above all, creating a magical impulse. 

Cristina's paintings are always the result of an observing eye, wrapped in a strong affection revealing a panorama full of color.

The colors sometimes become objects, visions distorted, unleashed from the world and human creatures..

Art is expression, expression is art, therefore the great mixture of being.



Psychology Degree - Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil 


Chelsea Art and Design College, London, UK
San Martin Art and Design College, London, UK
Carla Kaprali Art Studio, Miami, FL, USA
Dirk Dzimirsky- Advanced Drawing Course, Bolcholt, Germany



2020 - ARTEXPO New York


2019 - Spectrum Art Fair Miami/ Artblend Gallery/ Miami Art Basel Fair

2011 - The Art Academy at Caprali Studio

2010 - Espaço Cultural Tribunal Regional do Trabalho, Brasil

2009 - Congresso National, Brasil




Interior Design

Cristina specializes in creating custom art that fits the aesthetic requirements of specific spaces. 



"Cristina is beyond anything I could have asked for. When designing the interior for my client's new home, there were several spaces that seemed cold and unlivable. Cristina's uncompromising style brought these spaces to life, color and spirit."

Ryan Locke  | Miami Florida


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